Course Types You Will Experience When Majoring in HR

Human Resource is a wide field that offers vast employment opportunities regardless of the level of degree attained by a student. From an associate degree to an MBA in HR from the top schools in the UK for a master’s in HR, the Human Resource field is endemic with opportunities and what’s more, there are a number of professional certifications to help HR professionals achieve great milestones in the fourteenth best job among 200 jobs according Forbes.

Core Courses in Hhr-1R

  • Critical Thinking and Business Communication

This course equips students with decision making skills as well as critical thinking through different written communication forms including emails, reports, business letters and memos. Students also develop personal communication skills, fundamental ethics of communication, organizational problem solving, cross-cultural communication and the examining and understanding of a company’s strategic path.

  • Organizational development

This course covers both group and individual behavior in a company setting and it also involves understanding the workforce diversity, performance systems, organizational behavior and change management.

  • Emerging issues and the basics of Human Resource management

This course looks at how HR can change with the emerging issues in business and also how to align the profession with business strategies, and also understand the different competencies involved and most importantly, be a good strategic business partner and a great leader.

  • Ethics and social responsibility

This is a very important course in the study of Human Resource as it forms the basis of day to day operations of an HR office. Students need to understand the accepted ethics and expected social responsibility with regard to their employer, the surrounding community and colleagues; it is up to the HR office to provide guidance to the other members of the organization.

HR is a fundamental department in all organizations and following it as a career, is one of the best decisions a person can make.