Human Resource Studies: Recruitment

Recruitment also known as hiring is, of course, one of the main functions of an individual that work in human resources for many companies. However, the job entails more than just hiring an employee for a specific job, but includes such factors as attracting employees, selecting the best for the open position, and then putting them in the position. This can be either for permanent or temporary positions in a corporation. In some cases, it may also involve finding people to volunteer or to be placed in trainee roles where no salary will be provided.

In the situations where new employment jobs have been created within a company, finding the proper employment may take a bit more work than you might consider as human resourcdownload (90)e personnel may have to obtain certain documents such as skills, abilities, knowledge, or even provide tests to learn more about a person’s character. In many ads for employment, the company will list the skills they need and other pertinent information. However, it will be the duty of the human resource person to ensure that all information provided on the resume and application are in fact true.

Even going beyond hiring, human resource personnel must have the knowledge to use internal and external advertisements using the correct media in order to find the proper candidate for any job that is needed in the business. There are different avenues that can be used to seek out candidates for employment including newspapers, job centers, the internet, magazines, or other outlets.

Recruitment may seem like a very small part of the human resource department; however, in order to find the right candidate for specific jobs, you must know where to advertise and how to bring in the best applicants for the open position. Using only one or two outlets may not be the best way to find the employees that have the knowledge and skills to perform the tasks.