Landing That First Job: A How to Guide

Landing the first job is often viewed as an exhilarating moment in life but wait a moment! This is not an easy feat since many candidates often fail to pass different stages involved in the recruitment process. The following guide can be of immense benefit to prospective candidates expecting to enter the world of employment.

First and foremost, it should gq_hero_new-series-season-1always be borne in mind that good resume presentation is a virtue when applying for a vacancy within a given organisation. A resume is probably the most widely used method to screen job applicants for advertised posts in any company. The first glance of the resume should make lasting impressions to the potential employer. The document should be kept short and it should focus on pertinent issues such as qualifications and skills which can convince the recruiter that the candidate has the potential to meet standard expectations for the job.

When your resume passes the screening test, then the candidate is shortlisted for an interview. Selected candidates are informed about the interview through phone or email. This is probably the last but most rigorous stage in the recruitment process before the suitably qualified candidate is hired to join the company.

Therefore, the interview stage is very important. Therefore, the candidate needs to thoroughly prepare for this occasion. He or she will have to research about the company before going for the interview. The other issue is that as a prospective employee to the company, the candidate should not focus on pay and other related benefits but convince the interviewers that they can go the proverbial extra mile and can also positively contribute towards the overall performance of the organisation. This stage opens the gate for the opportunity to land the first job. Once hired, the candidate needs to fulfil the promises made during the interview.