Top 4 most popular universities in India for HR studies

In the days of agriculture-based economy, the land was the critical resource. People and money were supporting resources for the economy. Then came the capital intensive economy in which money was the primary source. It was the era of the manufacturing sector. Land and people were the supporting resources. People with money could buy both the supporting resources. Money or capital was the critical support. In present times people are the essential resource with service the sector booming. Human resource is vital for every industry, and real people mean success in business.

shutterstock_72525058Study HR in India at these 4 places

India is a beautiful place to learn about people. This is critical for developing people skills which are the most meaningful learnings of an HR course. Some of the best places in India to learn HR courses. (1) IIM – All the IIMs are excellent places to study according to (2) JNU – This University in the capital city has one of the best environments and teaching staff for HR. (3) The University of Delhi – This is another place and which is nice to experience the culture and study too. (4) University of Calcutta – Traditional and precise with lots of learning from outside. That is the University of Calcutta for you.

Strength and weakness of Indian Universities

One of the biggest challenges for the administration in Indian Universities is the quality of staff. The starkest equation is the reservation in recruitment. Another thing that keeps real talent away from the teaching profession is the vast gap between industry and educational salary. Talent either goes into the corporate sector or moves abroad for research. The strength of Indian Universities comes from the diverse cultures inside the campus. People are speaking different languages and eating different kinds of food, so there is a diverse range of people to meet. So, it is nice to be here in spite of some fo the perceived weaknesses.