Top 4 Schools for HR Studies

When you think of human resources, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Do you possibly think of something to do with human abilities as well as skills? Well, that is most certainly an accurate assumption. Human resources refers to the sector of an organisation that deals with all activities pertaining to recruiting new employees, training , retaining, orientation and benefits of current employees. For a fact, in any organisation, HR is known to be the key strategy in ensuring a competitive advantage over any known competitors. It is the biggest difference maker in determining an organisation’s failure or success.

shutterstock_242224885Why HR is an Attractive Course

Pursuing a course in human resources means entering into a relatively broad field which provides a countless number of employment opportunities regardless of the degree level you acquire. Ranging from associate’s degrees, master’s degrees and professional certificates all offered at the top 4 schools for HR studies namely Lund University, Uppsala University, Stockholm University and Chalmers University, which you can compare at Here, you can always be assured of plenty of opportunities that can significantly advance your careers. According to Forbes, HR is among the top 20 of the best jobs as at 2015.

A Good HR Programme Should Include:

• Crucial aspects of business training such as accounting, marketing, information technology and finance.• Training to become HR clerks, payroll assistants or compensation specialists.• Science in behaviour• Performance management. There are numerous benefits to undertaking a course in human resources which far outweigh the drawbacks.• Communication skills- HR students acquire remarkable skills in critical thinking as well as decision-making through writing reports, memorandums and business letters. Additionally, they also learn on the best ways to solve company problems and come up with effective organisational strategies.• Computer skills- HR students learn how to apply presentation software and Microsoft office tools in order to achieve business goals.